LEGO and Google have teamed together to launch an app that lets users play with virtual LEGO bricks in their web browsers during a slow day at work.

Google unveiled the “Build With Chrome” feature Tuesday, letting users  stack, snap and rotate various LEGO bricks onto a WebGL powered virtual pad, a 3D graphics technology for web browsers. The feature allows the user to build all different types of industrial structures. According to Google’s blog, the feature was originally built by a team in Australia as an experiment and was eventually opened up to the public. To start exploring the digital world, you sign in with a Google+ account, which allows you to see things that people in your circles have made. There’s also a categorization system that filters for specific types of structures, and the Build Academy where numerous tutorials and challenges are available to help you hone your engineering skills.

Where would you build your LEGO structure? Let us know in the comments.

[via Digital Trends]