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If you missed the Golden Globes last night (which, according to the ratings, not many of you did) you may not be aware of the two controversies that the night sparked: Firstly, apparently Taylor Swift fans are now mad at Tina Fey now for throwing shade at the singer last night, and, secondly, E!'s idea of a "Fun Fact" was naming the year that Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. 

Let's start with Swift: The "controversy" here (that word is used lightly because this is not remotely a controversy) all began last year, when Fey and Poehler first hosted the Golden Globes and, in a joke on stage, said that Swift (who was in the audience) should take some time to focus on herself rather than dating around. It was a lighthearted jab like most jokes at awards shows, but apparently Swift didn't see it that way—in an interview a month later, Swift commented the following: "You know, Katie Couric is one of my favorite people, because she said to me she had heard a quote that she loved, that said, 'There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.'" So, she basically insinuated that there's a special place in hell for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Yikes.

Fast-forward to last night. Swift was, once again, an attendee of the event, and the subject came up at one point when Poehler was announced as the winner of best actress in a TV comedy: As Fey congratulated Poehler on the win, she joked, "There's a special place in hell for you."

So, of course, now Taylor Swift fans think that Tina Fey is the worst person alive, and have been launching a crusade against her on Twitter. Let's take a look at the worst of the worst tweets:

There's also a petition to remove Fey and Poehler as Golden Globe hosts next year, created by someone with the username "Swifties." Riiiiiight. That'll work, Taylor Swift fans.

As for the the "fun facts" feature on E! that was meant to be something annoying on everyone's TV screens, but has now turned into a full blown controversy: The story behind that is pretty simple, though weird as hell. Last night during red carpet coverage, E! aired the following on their network:

 Yeah, E!, that's not what fun fact means.

Though the network promptly released an apology for the flub, it didn't take long for the Internet to catch on and turn the whole thing into a full-blown, amazing meme:

So, in summary—if you didn't see the Golden Globes last night, you didn't miss much. At all.

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