Douchieness level: Frosted tips

Fieri embodies the douche aesthetic to a tee: spiked, blond hair that looks a wet hedgehog, those small hoop earring baby girls wear, and a circle beard streaked with bleach. '90s boyband manager asthetics aside, Fieri has been accused of some pretty heinous stuff, including spouting off sexist, homophobic and anti-Semitic slurs. His number one douchiest offense? Sending threatening e-mails to his staff, which a Food Network producer later submitted to court as part of his suit against the network. Producer David Page described the offensive comments Fierimad on the show's set, including homophobic remarks ("You can’t send me to talk to gay people without warning! Those people weird me out!"), and nasty emails he sent to staffers that went a little something like "I hope you die so I can dance on your fucking grave." Fieri should embrace his natural hair color and a little more tact.