An Indiana woman's 48-hour jail sentence turned into an extended stay—154 days.

Back in August, Clark County Judge Jerry Jacobi ordered Destiny Hoffman, 34, to serve two days in jail after Hoffman failed a drug test. Hoffman was enrolled in the Clark County Drug Court Treatment Program, which obviously required her to remain clean. 

Jacobi asked the Clark County Sheriff's Office to hold Hoffman without bond until "further order of the court," which ended up being five months as opposed to two days. Apparently, he never issued that order.

Luckily, Deputy Prosector Michaelia Gilbert caught the mistake while reviewing old case files. Gilbert filed a motion for a status hearing and Hoffman was finally given an attorney. She left jail last Thursday and will most likely file a lawsuit against the county.

This just illustrates how easily people can slip through the cracks.

[via Gawker]