Back in December, Yiming Wang and Xian Zhang—the minds behind Murray Hill's Cafe China (13 E. 37th St.)—opened Blue China (135 Watts St.) in Tribeca. The design of the bi-level restaurant evokes memories of 20th century China, while the restaurant itself focuses on Shanghai cuisine. 

China Blue offers their own take on dim sum and dumplings, as well as sweet red bean puffs, shrimp shumai with salmon eggs and crab meat-packed soup buns, all for $12. This place is a seafood-lover's dream, with entrees such as steamed bass with crispy soy and a shredded heal sauteed with chives, both for $29. 

The menu also caters to vegetarians with the egg tofu with vegetables, but there also lamb and pork dishes like the wuxi-style pork ribs and lamb stew in a clay pot. Also, the Shanghai pan fried noodles are the perfect addition to any meal. Lastly, Blue China's best feature is perhaps its tea bar that's stashed below the staircase.

[via Gothamist]