It takes balls to do something blatantly unprofessional and then bask in it like, "Yeah, that just happened." This is what Oh Cakes owner Emma McDonald did when she gave Micaela Harris a poop-shaped cake, accompanied by the note "Eat sh*t," all because the two disagreed about a cake for Harris' engagement party. 

According to McDonald, the customer had won a $50 dollar gift card, which she knocked down to $30 because she was owed $20. She then asked McDonald to make a cake with no details other than it be chocolate. McDonald took offense, then took to Facebook to voice her displeasure:

Your [sic] left with a $30 voucher and you want a cake still?? ok cool - give me some ideas?? oh wait you have none apart from wanting chocolate. I have a brilliant idea for your cake!!! - so here it is, your turd cake! Hope you learn your lesson.

Harris and her 100 guests were appalled, while McDonald was extremely pleased with herself, telling the New Zealand Herald she had "no regrets" whatsoever and adding that Harris "got what she deserved."

"I don't make cakes as a business. It is just a hobby and I'm taking it all with good humour," she explained. That's because the cake has reportedly led to business opportunities "being thrown at [her] wall." Immaturity begets opportunity.

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