Christmas is a season of giving, spending time with your family, and remembering what's truly important. Just kidding. Presents are the only thing that matter, especially when you've got the sweet ass toys of the '90s on your list to ol' Saint Nick. Listen here, Santy Claus. We've been bragging to all our school chums about what awesome gifts we're going to be opening on Christmas. We better not see any socks under that tree or so help us we'll be heading up to the North Pole ourselves armed only with a Nerf gun to annihilate you! 

Wow, we got carried away there. Apologies. Take a sleigh ride with us down memory lane and see all your beloved knick-knacks from your childhood—or maintain that hatred for your parents for never getting you what you needed so desperately. These are the toys every '90s kid needed for Christmas.

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