Chicago's Snarf's Sandwich Shop ruined all of its employees weekends by firing them via email on Sunday. 

According to Gawker, Snarf's Director of Operations Doug Besant cited "increased competition" to justify terminating employees mere days before Christmas in the email. The "upside" to this move is that all staff members eligible for unemployment benefits can apply for them, and payroll will still be processed as usual on Friday. Besant reminded former employees to keep a lookout for the new store's grand opening before wishing them all good luck on their future endeavors. How kind. 

Director of Marketing Jill Preston insisted that this decision was a calculated move motivated by the typically slow holiday season, and a desire to re-purpose the shop. This clearly means it had nothing at all to do with workers protesting for higher wages (which led to a four-day shutdown) a few weeks back.

[via Gawker]