With each new generation of console comes a new and improved controller that tries to build on the experiences of the last while adding new snazzy features. GadgetLove has done gamers the service of putting all the Xbox and PlayStation controllers into one morphing gif image.

The original Xbox controller came out in 2001 and was enormous. It felt like holding a dinner plate in your hands. Xbox has come a long way since with its sleek design and button reduction. The latest controller for the Xbox One doesn’t have any revolutionary changes in appearance since most of the upgrades are under the hood.


Similarly the first PlayStation dropped in 1995 and its basic shape remained the same until this year with the launch of the PlayStation 4 and its more hands-friendly design. GadgetLove may have left a few controllers in the DualShock line out, but it gives an accurate look at 15 years of design at Sony.

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[Via GadgetLove]