In the latest PlayStation Blogcast U.S. Boss Jack Tretton says he wants to get a PlayStation 4 console to everyone who wants one, so even he doesn't have one yet.

Tretton also addressed concerns that Sony is rigging an artificial shortage by saying that 12,000 PS4s sold out in half an hour on Amazon and a million on the first day of sales, Sony is just trying to keep up.

“It breaks my heart if somebody’s got $400 in hand and they want a PS4 but we can't sell them one.” Tretton said. When the host of the blogcast joked about the gamer saying “shut up and take my money,” Tretton responded with just how serious Sony is about making sure they are selling as many as they can, “Yeah, well, to that point, I don't have one [PS4] yet because I'm like 'No, sell it.'”

Tretton confirmed against many consumers assumption that Sony, and other console makers, wants a shortage of its console to drive up demand. “We manufactured every unit we could get our hands on,” he said. Sony sold a million PlayStation 4's on the first day which it took “many months” to build up the supply.

But don't worry, Sony is manufacturing lots more PS4s in the next few months, maybe by that time Tretton can actually sit down and enjoy some Killzone: Shadowfall at home.

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