BlackBerry might be struggling to get back on its feet, but don't tell that to President Barack Obama.

During a speech about the Affordable Care Act to a group of youths at the White House, Obama admitted that even if he wanted to choose an iPhone, he might not be able to. "I'm not allowed for security reasons to have an iPhone," he told the audience in D.C. Even though the President might not have one, at least not anytime soon, his daughters Sasha and Malia are busy enjoying theirs, he added. Obama, instead, uses a one of a kind BlackBerry that has beefed up security and is only allowed to contact a list of 10 people. Even though the conversation drifted off to phones, Obama found a way to get it back to healthcare. 

"Now my suspicion is that for a lot of you, between your cable bill and your phone bill, you're spending more than $100 a month," Obama said. "The idea that you wouldn't want to make sure you've got the health security and financial security that comes with health insurance for less than that price, you guys are smarter than that. Most young people are as well."

The NSA wanted to remove Obama from using any smartphone when he took office, but he vigorously refused, saying he didn't want to be stuck in the "White House bubble" many presidents find themselves in after taking up residence in the Oval Office. The President famously said that the government would have to "pry [the Blackberry] out of my hands" before even considering getting rid of it, though he later said his phone, due to its limitations for security, is "no fun."

FOMO much, Mr. President?