Hats off the folks at Drafthouse Films—they're killing it with the genre film revivals. Earlier in the year, Drafthouse released Wake in Fright (1971) the infamous Aussie descent into psychological hysteria that includes one truly epic man-versus-kangaroo sequence. Then, last month, came The Visitor, a wacko 1979 sci-fi oddity directed by the great John Huston (The Maltese Falcon, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre) with a plot description as follows: "An intergalactic warrior battles alongside a cosmic Christ figure against a demonic 8-year-old girl and her pet hawk." Yeah, you know you'd watch the hell out of that.

Drafthouse's latest old-school acquisition is Ms. 45, and it's a doozy. Originally released in 1981, director Abel Ferrara's (Bad Lieutenant) revenge flick centers on the mute Thana (the late Zoe Lund), a New York City resident who's raped on her way home from work one night but leaves the scene with a .45 caliber pistol. Soon after, she's sexually empowered, angry at the world, and ready to kill—specifically, she's ready to kill people wearing some great early '80s Halloween costumes, namely one guy dressed as Mr. Met. Trust, the climax of Ms. 45 alone is a must-see.

Ms. 45 will return to a limited number of theaters nationwide next Friday, December 13, before expanding its theatrical reach in January. But for those who appreciate '80s exploitation cinema as much as Complex does, here's your chance to see Abel Ferrara's one-of-a-kind gem on the big screen for free. Yes, for free. To win tickets to a Ms. 45 screening at NYC's IFC Center on either Friday, December 13, or Saturday, December 14, visit our Complex Pop Culture Facebook page and send us a message with your most creative response to the following question: If you could revive one old, obscure 1980s genre movie, which would it be, and why?

Send your responses by next Wednesday morning, December 11, and we'll get your name on the IFC Center's will call list. And if you need some convincing about this, just check out the newly cut Ms. 45, put together by our dude Jason Eisener.

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