Yesterday, someone did what Emma Roberts could not: Cut the cronut line at Dominique Ansel Bakery. If you're in need of evidence that "celebrity" means nothing in 2013, look no further.

According to Gothamist, a man who claimed to be a police officer cut the line, then refused to return his cronuts, even after he had been refunded for them. Once again, they don't play that "cutting the line" shit over at Dominique Ansel Bakery. A rep for the store detailed the situation to DNAinfo:

A customer simply cut in line (as some people do), and so we asked him to please return his purchase as it prevented people waiting in line from their fair share, which he refused. The guy claimed he was a police officer, and so the security guard [called] the police to check. At that point, the guy walked away.

Another rep provided Gothamist with a more humorous account:

The customer purchased it, then we refunded him when we realized he had cut and asked for the goods back so people in line can have a fair chance at purchasing them. He refused and left with the items. In a nutshell—someone cut the line in a bakery. But seriously? It's not a bakery "robbery."

According to DNAinfo, no arrests have been made. In the long run, the only real loser here is Emma Roberts, who eventually got her cronut thanks to Jimmy Fallon.

[via Gothamist and DNAinfo]

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