The city of Wichita, Ka. avoided a major crisis after a man who planned to detonate a bomb at Wichita’s Mid-Continent airport was arrested.

According to the FBI, 58-year-old Terry L. Loewen, who reportedly worked at the airport, was trying to deliver a vehicle filled with explosives at the time of his arrest. Federal officials say Loewen dedicated months to his plan to use his access card to drive a car full of explosives into the terminal. Officials added that he even went as far as to research flight times to determine when the most people would be in the airport.

NBC News says that Loewen had been reading extremist Islamic content on the Internet, and was attempting to lend what's described as "terrorist support." He had been under FBI surveillance and undercover cops often met him by acting as people with similar beliefs.

During a press conference, officials insisted that no one was ever in danger, as the entire ordeal was a sting operation and the explosives were fake.

[via Business Insider and NBC News]