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LeRoy McCarthy's quest to document all of New York City's important hip-hop landmarks continues. Both Pitchfork and DNAinfo report that McCarthy is forging ahead with a petition to have the street corner where the cover for the Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique album was shot named after the group. If Community Board 3 and City Council are receptive, the intersection of Ludlow and Rivington Streets would be christened "Beastie Boys Square."

"I think the Beastie Boys represent New York in a certain way," McCarthy told DNAinfo. "They grew up here. They are New Yorkers." Earlier this year, McCarthy began a petition to have the corner of St. James Place and Fulton Street co-named Christopher Wallace Way in honor of the Notorious B.I.G., who grew up there. Brooklyn's Community Board 2 responded negatively and stereotypically to the idea.

"Since 1973—40 years—how much money has hip-hop made for New York City? Where is the representation of hip-hop’s birthplace in New York City and how much respect has been given to hip-hop in New York City?" McCarthy asked during an October interview with Complex. "I think that New York City has been suppressing hip-hop and hip-hop culture since the very beginning, yet still taking the money generated from it."

Wolfnights now resides on the corner of Ludlow and Rivington, and general manager and co-owner Vicky Dalva supports McCarthy's efforts. "When Adam Yauch passed away, people came here for three or four days putting candles and flowers out, taking photos, really mourning his death," she said, adding that "at least one person" enters Wolfnights every week asking if it's the corner made famous by Paul's Boutique.

In May, Brooklyn Heights' Palmetto Playground was officially renamed Adam Yauch Park. McCarthy plans to present the petition to CB3 in January, but according to DNAinfo, CB3 has not confirmed that this will be on its January agenda.

UPDATE: In an email, McCarthy said he is optimistic about Beastie Boys Square:

Although I have received support from both residents and businesses in Brooklyn for Christopher Wallace and Manhattan for the Beastie Boys, the Community Board 2 in Brooklyn presents themselves as conservative. However, Community Board 3 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan has been receptive, which hopefully will allow passage of Beastie Boys Square.

He also mentioned that the fight for Christopher Wallace Way continues, with the petition needing "political support," which it will seek from City Council early next year.

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