For all of its ridiculousness, let 2013 be recognized as the year that Florida won. The New York Times reports that Florida's population will exceed New York's, if it hasn't already:

When the Census Bureau releases its latest population estimates on Monday, demographers expect that Florida and New York will be narrowly separated — perhaps by as little as a few thousand people — and that if Florida does not pass New York this time, it almost certainly will do so in 2014.

Among the Florida imports are people tired of New York winters, as the the rate of New Yorkers who aim to live out "retiring in Florida" cliche is 50,000 people per year—two times that of the opposite. The Times notes that these new census numbers are consistent with immigrations trends that shows newcomers seeking out warmer states to build lives in the U.S. 

Weather aside, the real reason New York is losing its population is because upstate manufacturing jobs are vanishing. This is happening at a pace significant enough to counterbalance what's going on inside of the ever-flourishing city limits.

Let Florida Gov. Rick Scott tell it, Florida's popularity is because it's the world's leading travel destination. Despite his position, he should probably cease talking for a while.

[via New York Times]

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