Doge is one of the funniest memes to emerge out of 2013, and finally gave man's best frienda chance to take back the Internet from their arch enemies, the cats.

But now, it looks like canines are going where felines have never gone before: money. Dogecoin is the new open source currency that recently sprung up in the spirit of Bitcoin. Yeah, we're sure this wasn't actually meant to turn into anything remotely serious, partially because there's a website that's currently selling Dogecoin merchandise right now. So there's that. But, as the Internet would have it, there's a little place on Reddit called Dogemarket where people are really trading Dogecoins for real life things, though Dogecoin is only worth about $0.00023

Forums have popped up with instructions on how to mine the currency, if you think you want to get in on it before it blows up in a few years.* On one forum, a user asked:

Such amaze.

*It's not.

[via The Verge]