Earlier this week, marijuana culture in Colorado took a huge leap forward as the state issed its first licenses for recreational marijuana businesses. According to the Denver Post, Colorado's Marijuana Enforcement Division mailed 348 approved licenses to stores, producers and facilities on Monday. The recipients could start producing and selling weed  to anyone over the age of 21 beginning Jan. 1. 

There are a total of 136 shops, the bulk of which are located in Denver. However, this does not mean that every business that received state and local approval this week will begin selling legal weed on New Year's Day due to uncertainty about the new phenomenon. 

"There are just so many questions in terms of pricing, is there going to be scarcity, or some kind of lack of product in January that is going to lead to the price of the product doubling or tripling?" RiverRock Wellness dispensaries co-owner Norton Arbelaez explained. 

Still, advocates are proud of this move, as Marijuana Policy Project spokesman Mason Tvert said he hoped it would "set an example for others states." Only time will tell.

[via Denver Post]

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