Soooooooooo...that time Brian Griffin died on Family Guy. Everyone remember that? People protested, started petitions, threatened to boycott? Right. Well...looks like it may have all been for nothing!


That's right: According to EW, the Griffin family's beloved dog Brian—who was killed off in an episode late last month after being hit by a car—may actually be back in the next episode, if the official episode description from Fox is any indication. Apparently, the official logline for the December 15th episode, titled "Christmas Guy," reads: "Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas," and then lists Brian in the cast of characters included in the episode. Additionally, as EW points out, Brian is actually involved in a plotline with Maya Rudolph's guest character—next spring.

Whether or not this means he'll be back for a flashback, or if Stewie is going to utilize some form of time travel to save him (similar to what they've done to get around crazy plot twists in the past) remains to be seen—but it looks like we really may not have seen the last of Brian Griffin.

Long story short, everyone may have freaked out for nothing! One point to Seth Macfarlane, because, if anything, this did at least get people talking about Family Guy again.

[via Vulture]