After being acquired by Facebook back in 2012, many wondered how the wildly popular photo app, Instagram, was going to keep its momentum surging in 2013. However, with their new video feature, and the private photo-messaging option, it's safe to say that Instagram is going to continue to own their lane well into the next year. When it comes to making and sharing creative, mobile photography, the app remains the most-used and subscribed-to platform around. Third-party developers have certainly been cognizant of consumer response as well, stepping up their game to help iPhone and Android users everywhere create interesting and unique photography beyond what Instagram offers. And because we want to help you get all the likes you can, we put together a list of The Best Apps to Improve Your Instagram. Featuring Snapseed, VSCO Cam, Afterlight, and more, these are the essential photo accessories you should be picking up to get the most out of your mobile camera.