Big news for Amanda Seyfried: According to Vulture, the Lovelace star has officially signed on to appear in the upcoming comedy He's F-ing Perfect, which hails from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's production company, Gary Sanchez

Should I say it? I'mma say it: She's f-ing perfect.

...anyway. So, who is the "f-ing perfect" dude referenced in the title? No one, according to the plot description: Seyfried is set to play a "social media savvy" girl who researches all of her friends' dates to find their faults, utilizing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. In other words: She's like a hotter, female Nev Schulman (sorry, Nev). The conflict comes in when Seyfried's character begins researching one guy she finds herself sttracted to, and manipulates the situation so that she can go out with him instead of her friend—using everything she knows from his social media accounts to become the perfect girl for him.

Sure, it sounds a little bit like a formulaic rom-com, and sort of like that one episode of Modern Family where Haley does exactly this, only to sell a home—but with Seyfried, Ferrell, and McKay, we gotta say, we're intrigued.

No word yet on when to expect He's F-ing Perfect in theaters.

[via Vulture]