This weekend, a 20-year-old longtime user of the /b/ image board on 4chan announced that he was going to "an hero," a 4chan term for committing suicide. The guy, identifying himself only as "Stephen," believed that streaming his suicide would be a sort of gift to the 4chan community—and users, in turn, were hungry to see it. “As an oldfag who’s been on 4chan since 2004, I thought I would finally give back to the community,” Stephen wrote. “I am willing to an hero on cam for you all.”

Another 4chan user quickly volunteered to set up a live stream on the website Chateen, which Stephen and 200 people joined, with more wanting to get in to watch the show (but 200 people is the limit for viewers on Chateen.) Once things were set up, Stephen began swallowing numerous pills with vodka, then started a fire in the corner of the room. He keeps the camera streaming and crawls under his bed as the fire gets bigger and smoke begins filling the room. Stephen, who chose the username "LOLDoge" for the stream, began typing "#omgimonfire,"  "#imdead,"  and "I'm fuck3d," which may or may not be the first last words in history to start with a hashtag.

Shortly after, firefighters break into the room and pull Stephen out, and this is where the video ends. 4chan members have been trying to figure out if Stephen has died or not, with some users pointing out that a student in Canada was injured in a dorm room fire at the same time as Stephen's stream. Other users found a story of another fire in Pittsburgh where the victim was pronounced dead. The latest talk on 4chan is that he survived, but we're waiting for a confirmation. The community has already given Stephen an honorary nickname: Toaster Steve.

The video is up on LiveLeaks, and you can check it out here. NSFW.