Elves don't get the attention they deserve in the video game realm. They're often associated with RPGs and MMORPGs, and it's rare that they're the star of the show. But the truth is that elves are incredible, diverse and cooler than some of the more popular video game characters out there. Casting spells and summoning elemental beings is only a few of the abilities elves have in their hardcore arsenal. When not using magic, they can also fill an enemy with so many arrows, they'd look like a cactus.

Elves are all different and fight for different reasons but they all have one thing in common: they're badass. So much that if Santa himself offered them a gig at his North Pole workshop, they'd wind up taking over and booting old Kris Cringle out into the snow. Here's 10 Badass Video Game Elves That Would Take Over the North Pole with no problem at all.

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