With Microsoft preparing to release their $500 next-gen console into the wild in a matter of days, many questions still remained about the privacy policy surrounding the Xbox One.

User data, the Kinect, advertisers accessing your purchase history, and many other pressing questions have all been raised since the Xbox One's coming out party earlier this year. Microsoft has released their full privacy statement right here and you would do well with giving it a full read through. This gem stuck out to us in particular,

"If you choose to link your Microsoft account with your account with a partner company, Microsoft may share limited account information with that company. Such account information may include name, address, email and date of birth but will not include any credit card or other payment information.  For games that enable in-game communications, the game publisher may also have access to the content of in-game communications when you are signed into your account with the publisher."

Microsoft and Xbox Live already allow most of this information to be shared, but what sticks out most is that last bit about in-game communications being accessed by publishers. Does that mean if you're playing Battlefield 4, and start rattling off about how much the game sucks/is blowing your mind/is mediocore, whatever, that EA will have the rights to use that data? Read the privacy policy in full and get at us.

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