What more does the Internet need to do to convince you to watch Masters of Sex? Everyone is doing their part to get you to investigate the show where scientists investigate the female orgasm with that big transparent dildo you see above. Be intrepid. If you need high-brow convincing, the New York Times has a great piece on how the show deals with sex differently than other shows. Props to Carina Chocano for articulating a smart perspective about a show we all need to talk about until everyone watches.

If you can recall with body-bruising clarity the first time you saw the Independence Day trailer, and flinched whent the White House got got, dig into the history of the trailer with David Fear at The Dissolve.

In light of the endless ring of static surrounding Blue Is the Warmest Color, Indiewire gathered a bunch of film critics and asked them to weigh in on how much behind-the-scenes drama (or regular non-dramatic information) should inform the critic's perspective. Glen Kenny offers great wisdom.

Rounding out your weekend, let Jason Zinoman, at the New York Times, offer insight into Saturday Night Live's lack of performers of color.

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