Video game controllers have evolved a great deal over the years and while many functions have become mainstays like dual thumb sticks, others haven't been so popular—like touch pads on the PS Vita. According to a hands-on demo of Valve's Steam Machine by The Verge, the company plans on taking a gamble by changing the way gamers interact with software. 

Valve revealed that the Steam Machine's controller will feature a touchscreen, two rounded touch pads and buttons on the back. This is a far stretch from what most video game fans are used to and even the article's author Sean Hollister said in the piece, "I must admit the controls weren't immediately intuitive. Pressing buttons on the back of the controller to jump, for instance, felt pretty unnatural after spending decades using my thumbs." The thought behind creating a controller of this type is to allow the player to take advantage of all the options allowed to PC gamers using a keyboard and mouse. The prototype used was a wired, USB device but there will be a wireless one available in 2014 for consumers.

Most exciting is the "unannounced future VR headset" that may take a bite out of the Oculus Rift's meal when it finally drops. The virtual reality device will measure your body's reaction and on the fly, adjust the video game's experience to match it.

Check out the full rundown of Valve's Steam Machine and the controller over at and the video below for more. 


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