Location: Malibu, Calif.
Lamest rule: No homosexuality allowed
Punishable vices: Alcohol, drugs, sex, sodomy
Reason to compromise: A top-notch law school

"Freely ye received, freely give," says the motto of Pepperdine in the 'Bu. The gorgeous private university sprawls across one the most expensive and exclusive places to buy houses in the United States. But while the motto hints at openness, and the close proximity to movie stars might suggest Pepperdine is a den of iniquity, that's far from the case. If that that's what you seek, pack up your kegs and head to University of California, Santa Barbara. Pepperdine doesn't allow sex, booze, or out-and-proud gay people. Lindsay Lohan might be chugging iced coffee drinks at her rehab down the street while making out with a girl, but Pepperdine students are expected to hold a level of decorum that their celebutante peers regularly diverge from. The rules about sex are so strict at Pepperdine that same-sex dorms are segregated by a fence. A fucking fence.

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