Location: Provo, Utah
Lamest rule: No short skirts
Punishable vices: Alcohol, sex, tobacco, tea, coffee, drugs
Reason to compromise: The highly-rated sports teams

Brigham Young's top-tier athletic teams are probably the only ones playing with balls. The school, one of the most well-known across the county in terms of its conservatism, is the largest religious university in the United States and is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or in layman's terms, Mormons. BYU's honor code makes it the last place you'd want to attend a party. The second rule on the list is for students to "Live a chaste and virtuous life." That includes following the dress and grooming standards, which include knee-length or longer dresses on women, making the sexy sorority girl mini-skirt a punishable fantasy. It's pretty common for Brigham Young students to marry young, because in many Abrahamic religions, it's the only time having sex is actually admissable.