Lollyphile is selling a lollipop guaranteed to blitz your tastebuds with a puzzling barrage of flavors. The Sriracha bacon lollipop, which the Texas-based company's website describes as "candied salty spicy peppery porky goodness," is just one of the many novelty treats that Lollyphile sells. 

"We had every intention of making a pumpkin pie spice lolly for Thanksgiving, but the ubiquitousness of pumpkins, the recent concerns of a Sriracha shortage, and the Thanksgiving/Hanukkah overlap made a Sriracha bacon lollipop something that needed to happen," owner Jason Darling explained in a release. 

Because the company already sells Sriracha and bacon-flavored lollipos, Darling said this latest mashup "[felt] like a pretty natural progression, headed straight for awesomeness."

The spicy lollipops are sold for quantities of four for $10, 12 for $24 and a case of 36 for $58. Have at them, brave souls.

[via New York Daily News]