Though the new Silk Road is up-and-running with a new owner, there's at least one person who is still feeling the consequences of the old one.

The 29-year-old owner of Silk Road 1.0, Ross Ulbricht, was arrested last month for operating the "Amazon of Drugs," and is currently behind bars without bail, since he was deemed a "flight risk" by prosecutors. Just a few weeks ago, the man who was the target of a hitman hired by Ulbricht—who turned out to be a undercover officer—spoke out about his experience as an admin on Silk Road, and what led to a botched drug sell that eventually helped spark the end of the popular website. The news that Ulbricht hired a hitman to kill one of his own community members made headlines, but now, it seems that number has jumped to six. That's right. He plotted the murders of at least six people. The dude was a digital mob boss with a thirst for blood. Allegedly, Ulbricht hired someone named "redandwhite" to whack six people, and paid him about half a million dollars in Bitcoin, the anonymous currency of the Internet, to do so. In a turn of events, Ulbricht might have been tricked. Redandwhite sent him pictures to "confirm" the killings, but when the government went to investigate, it seems that none of the murders had happened. It was an old fashioned scam. 

Ulbricht is still behind bars after his family tried to get the judge to accept $1 million for bail.

[via Business Insider]