As seen in: Short Circuit (1986)

A movie doesn't have to be good to predict the future. We're talking about a '80s Steve Guttenberg vehicle, after all, with the sophistication of an '80s Steve Guttenberg vehicle. And yet Short Circuit managed to foretell events to come. In the film, the dastardly NOVA Corporation tries to convince the military to add their robots to its arsenal. In reality, the US military has become heavily interested in military robotics in recent years. The government provides subsidies to a number of robotics companies, including the makers of the Roomba. The US Armed Forces isn't focused on keeping their room clean, however. The military has developed some heavy hitting bots that are a far cry from the charming robots of Short Circuit. Combat bots like the Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System aren't going to dance with you or read you a book, but they will deliver machine guns and grenades as necessary.