Restaurants can face hefty fines for hiding their health inspection grades. But, that doesn't stop them from doing it. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Health Department issued over 800 violations to restaurants who either failed to post their grade, or didn't post their score in a visible place.

Mayor Bloomberg's recently advised against dining in any eatery that didn't receive high scores, saying "Those [restaurant owners] that don’t want to clean up their kitchen, I know why they’re bitching, but I would suggest [you] don’t eat in a restaurant unless they have an A." 

Considering his urge to boycott all restaurants that don't score top-notch grades, it's no wonder restaurants are going to great lengths to creatively disguise their less-than-stellar scores. While we're of the belief that these grades hold little meaning (restaurants can easily win good grades by a variety of shady methods and the grading system is seriously flawed), many New Yorkers base their dining decisions on the letter hanging in a restaurant's window. Here, find some of the most inventive ways eateries have attempted to camoflaugue their imperfect sanitation scores.

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