Finnish developer Theory Interactive has teased its interesting sci-fi puzzler Reset in which the player travels back and forth in time to help themselves complete challenges. The two-man independent developer has dubbed it as a co-operative single-player experience.

The second player is you from a different point in the game’s time. Confused? Check out the teaser released during the Indiegogo funding campaign for some clarity.

Time travel aside the game itself is impressive. Great graphics, spooky ethereal soundtrack and sci-fi setting gives it the familar feeling of Portal, but in a good way.

"The extremely positive feedback we've gotten has pushed us to up the stakes a bit," the team explained in a blog post. "We want to make the game even better. We'd also like to get the game out to you guys sooner rather than later.”

That’s where Indiegogo comes in. The team is asking for crowd funding to complete the project. Peep the trailer and weight your wallet. Theory hopes to drop Reset by the end of 2014.

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[Via Eurogamer]