Air Date: 9/16/2012

"When did you stop watching?"

This questions is a part of virtually every conversation you'll ever have about Weeds. Despite ratings that were good enough for Showtime to keep the series on life support for eight seasons, you rarely run into someone who will admit to watching for the entire run of the show. The first three seasons of Weeds were a tightly plotted exploration of a woman's transition from suburban mom to drug kingpin. At the end of the third season, audiences were left fulfilled and surpised. Then, the show continued.

Five seasons of winding around the country and grasping for story motive followed, after the central question, "How far will this mother go for her family?" was left for dead in the flames of Agrestic. The Weeds series finale is a perfect encapsulation of what the final seasons of the show were: shoehorned characters and poorly tied loose ends working to drive a show that had long ago run out of gas.