The innovation began back in 1993, when one of Joe Morette's turkeys knocked over a can of beer and began to tatste it. For the last two decades, the Henniker, NH turkey farmer has been serving beer to his birds, originially opting for Coors before selecting a heavier lager. He and his customers agree that the taste is noticably different and better: "The bird overall has a slightly different taste that is very appealing," Dan Bourque told the Associated Press.

While PETA is unsurpisingly opposed to this practice, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension food and agriculture specialist Carl Majewski has a different perspective. "I imagine it's not enough to really make 'em tipsy or anything like that," he said. 

It's not a predatory move, just an accident that Morette has used to give turkey and beer lovers something to simultaneously enjoy that's a level deeper than drinking a beer with your Thanksgiving dinner.

[via Gothamist]