Looks like PS4 players are going to have a slightly fuller Reaper of Souls experience when the game launches for Sony’s next-gen console. Developers told IGN today that the console port of Diablo III’s first expansion is going to take advantage both of the dualshock 4’s features as well as the social integration elements Sony has been pushing for their new hardware.

The changes range from the relatively straightforward to the more interesting. For starters, on the practical end of the spectrum, players will be color coded to their controllers thanks to the dualshock’s light bar; friends will also be able to send and receive items, including an asynchronous feature that will share Legendary loot found in the game.

More interesting are avenger kills, which basically give you an opportunity to hunt down a monster who, after killing a friend, may reappear after escaping earlier in the game. Nothing earth-shaking, but another fun way Diablo III aims to make the dungeon-crawling more of a co-op feeling thing.

Whether or not any of these features will come to the PC version ­– or what else may lay in store for the PS4 version (don’t worry, your PS3 characters will transfer) is still up in the air, although the developers have expressed interest in possibly using the dualshock’s touchpad to give players emoting options, for example.

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