Einstein once famously (and maybe apocryphally?) defined the word “insanity” as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. For anyone who has ever watched an episode of Eastbound & Down, that can only mean one thing: Kenny Powers is insane.

For four seasons, Danny McBride’s megalomaniac alter ego has faced off against the same demons in his repeated attempts to reclaim the glory of his athletic youth, namely: drugs, booze, women, and bad decisions. Unable to face the fact that the once-famous baseball player no longer has an arm like a fucking cannon, Powers seems destined to repeat the same pattern of self-destructive behaviors, no matter how many second chances he is given. And in Kenny Powers’ world, it’s not enough to simply bite the hand that feeds him—he needs to rip off the entire arm.

To truly appreciate the ineptitude with which HBO's most lovable asshole runs his life, it’s essential recap his poor decision-making tendencies in chronological order. As such, here are Kenny Powers' Worst Decisions, in GIFs. He's on his worst behavior. All the time.

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