If the past few months are any indication, Kanye West is set on being as much of a technologist as he is a rapper. He’s recently been ingratiating himself to the tech world, going so far as to invite Silicon Valley luminaries like Ben Horowitz and Mark Pincus to witness to his proposal to Kim Kardashian.

At last night’s Madison Square Garden stop on the Yeezus tour, Kanye interrupted his set to make a special plea to one of the most prominent technologists of all: after telling the audience that Google chairman Eric Schmidt was “in the house,” he asked approximately a dozen times “Do y’all want Eric Schmidt to invest in DONDA?” The answer was a resounding yes.

In recent interviews, Kanye has repeatedly and earnestly asked for the support of major, established institutions to help him execute his grand vision for DONDA, which he has said he intends to turn into a trillion-dollar company. Hopefully Schmidt was listening.