Russia isn't down with those selfies journalists could be posting during the 2014 Winter Olympics. So much so, that they're placing a ban on journalists from uploading any pictures or video to social media, or risk having their credentials taken away.

According to the rules, the committee specifically calls out a few certain social media sites. "Tweeting," "Instagramming," "Vining," and any other media being recorded by way of smartphone, tablet or point-and-shoot cameras are effectively banned. Any journalist caught using any of the above technology will be removed from the event immediately, and it could lead to their accreditation being canceled. Only those with a special badge and professional equipment, like DSLR cameras, will be allowed to take photos, and spectators will be free to do so as well. It's a pretty stark turn from the freedom that journalists enjoyed at the 2012 London Olympics, but Russia seems to be taking it pretty seriously, and will be monitoring accounts to make sure journalists aren't breaking the rules. The Guardian reported that Internet spying technology will be put into place to let Russia's Federal Security Service track phone, email, and social media communication. Welcome to the Olympics in the age of the NSA. 

[via The Washington Times