Jack Gleeson does an excellent job portraying King Joffrey Baratheon on Game of Thrones—so convincing, apparently, that people actually want to punch him because they can't differentiate character from actor—but, apparently, it may be his last role ever. According to Gleeson in a new interview, he's been considering going into humanitarian work after his time on Game of Thrones ends.

Apparently, he even recently spent some time in Haiti looking at projects to assist impoverished citizens, and those affected by the 2010 earthquake which left over 1.5 million people homeless. 

"[Acting] was always a recreation beforehand, but when I started doing Game of Thrones perhaps the reality was made too real for me…the lifestyle that comes with being an actor in a successful TV show isn’t something I gravitate towards," Gleeson explained. "I’d been looking to use the celebrity I’ve got from the show to bring awareness for causes [aid agency] Goal supports."

Well, that's nice. Hate on Joffrey all you want, but Gleeson seems like a great, intelligent guy. Anyway, since there's no better way to end this post than with a video of Joffrey being slapped by Tyrion Lannister for 10 minutes straight, here it is:

[via Uproxx]

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