Back in my day, GIFs were of things like tiny pixelated dancing bananas, or creepy CGI dancing babies from Ally McBeal. Now, apparently, the times are a'changing, because the Internet is making GIFs of entire movies now—that is a whole film, condensed into one sped-up, little 10 MB GIF. 

There are a few already floating around—The Shining, Up, Skyfall, and Finding Nemo are amongst the choices—and they all seem to be originating from a new subreddit titled /r/FullMovieGIFs. Even though it's basically the same thing as watching a movie on fast-forward, it's cool because it's a GIF. And GIFs are cool.

They're all pretty big files, so I've only attached one (The Shining), but you can check the rest out over at Reddit.

[via Uproxx]