Earlier this week, a New Jersey couple was arrested for operating a prostitution ring out of the retirement community where they reside. The prostitution angle is bad enough, but they aren't even senior citizens—why the hell were they living there?

For whatever reason, 40-year-old Phillip Cottone and 33-year-old Anne Donahue sent their clientele to Leisure Village in Manchester Township for sex. Everything was flying smoothly and under the radar until an angry customer went to the cops, explaining that he had been robbed because Donahue didn't look like any of the pictures on their website. Claiming he had been Catfished, he refused to pay.

In addition to prostitution charges, Cottone and Donahue were also charged with robbery, possession of cocaine, heroin, drug paraphernalia and hypodermic syringes and criminal restraint.

[via Gothamist]