If Cyber Monday isn't your thing and you're getting ready for Black Friday perhaps show this supercut video from RSVLTS to your entire family and convince them to stay inside and hide. If however you can't be dissuaded maybe have another helping of mashed potatoes and build up a good fat layer to protect yourself from being trampled.

Alternately check out this awesome Steam sale to avoid Black Friday all together or just stock up on games you'll need to get through your broken pelvis recovery trying to scramble into Target to get $50 off something someone doesn’t want anyway. The gift of Skyrim keeps on giving.

Here are some of Steam's epic deals. Keep checking Steam for new sales every 8-hours until December 3. Highlights include:

Terraria for $2.49

Skyrim for $7.49

Prison Architect for $14.99

Outlast for $6.49

Sleeping Dogs for $4.99

Left 4 Dead 2 for $4.99

Rogue Legacy for $5.09

The Walking Dead for $6.24

Anti-Chamber for $4.99

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[Via Steam]