Art is hard. From the time you get laughed at for forgetting your lines in your elementary school play to when you graduate from college and watch all of your friends open mortgages while you open welfare checks, you'll learn this lesson over and over again. The sad truth is that it may not get any easier for a long time. Those of you without a trust fund or a wealthy grandmother on the brink of death need to have plan for making money that doesn't involve your avant-garde jazz combo.

Be warned: many of the jobs that artists naturally fall into hinder the creative process. If you are in the art game long enough, you’ll watch bright-eyed young actresses become restaurant managers and promising violinists became leaders of retail stores. The promise of comfort can wear down even the most dedicated artists after a while. There is some hope. No day job is going to bring complete harmony to a tortured artists, but some of them might not totally crush your soul either. Here are the 10 Best Day Jobs For Aspiring Artists.

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