If there was any lingering doubt about how valuable social media is when measuring your product, let that doubt be doused in gasoline and shoved off the end of the closest pier.

According to a new study from social media analysts Leadsift, the support for Sony's upcoming console outweighs Microsoft's Xbox One by almost two to one. This infographic sets a grim stage in terms of consumer supprot for Microsoft.

The compiled Twitter activity shows that Sony's console will outsell the Xbox One by almost double. Over the course of two weeks (we don't know when those two weeks took place) 398,756 Tweets were sent out about the PS4 and the Xbox One combined. Out of that number, 253,182 Tweeted about the PS4, as opposed to145,574 for the Xbox One. Backing up the Xbox One's further waning support on social media, the Xbox One had twice as many negative Tweets during the two week sample. 

Again, it's hard to put too much stock into this since there are no dates for the two week interval. This could be measuring Tweets from directly after the E3 debut of the Xbox One.

We've attached the infographic for further science. 

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