Face the music folks, you aren't going to succeed at gambling. All of that BS you read online about card-counting was just that—BS. This is what new statistics about gambling suggest, further crushing your dreams of overnight wealth. All apologies if this ruins your month. Or year. Or life.

The Wall Street Journal combed through two years worth of data from people who play virtual casino games online:

On any given day, the chances of emerging a winner aren't too bad—the gamblers won money on 30% of the days they wagered. But continuing to gamble is a bad bet. Just 11% of players ended up in the black over the full [two year] period, and most of those pocketed less than $150.

Location doesn't change the outcome, either. Whether you're playing from the comfort of your home or enjoying a wildly regrettable weekend in Atlantic City, your chances are the same. Gawker goes the extreme route, saying you're better off "picking up a single penny off the sidewalk, and then doing nothing else for two years" than gambling for two years. Hilarious.

Stop wasting your time.

[via Gawker and Wall Street Journal]