It might be too soon to re-open the wound that is Dexter, but we'll do it anyway. Dexter followed a Miami Metro Police Department's blood splatter pattern analyst (try saying that five times fast) who was secretly a serial killer. Not just any killer, mind you, but a killer of criminals he thought got off easy.

An interesting concept, sure, but one that should have lasted for eight seasons (equaling 96 episodes)? Especially when you consider that his sister, Debra, was supposedly the police department's best detective, yet it took her over 70 hours' worth of television to figure out her brother's "dark passenger."

By Dexter's fourth season, its characters not named Dexter Morgan all became laughably unfit for their law-enforcement jobs, and, even worse, one-note. Unable to sustain the show's initial strengths, Dexter's producers probably could have killed it, pun intended, in a 105-minute feature. One that'd end satisfyingly, unlike Dexter's abysmal eighth, and final, season. One word: lumberjack.