Amidst the safe picks (your Mario and Luigis), the hot chicks (does it matter?) and scattered moments of punny brilliance, are the ones who decided Halloween was a competition, and dammit, they're going to win: The Trying Way Too Hard Squad. You've heard of the phrase, "It was a good idea at the time," these folks' Halloween costumes were a good idea, for about half a second, if that.

You'll spot them immediatelythe friend team that decided to dress as a pair of humongous breasts, the guy who still thinks Jim Crow era racism is just too funny not to dress as a KKK member, and the crack-up who dressed as the one thing he's definitely not getting that night (you'll know when you see it). 

Let's take a look the lineup of the 25 Most Offensive Halloween Costumes on Instagram, and the people who embarassed themselves in the process.

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