Your Internet history can incriminate you in other ways besides letting everyone know your porn preferences. 

Bumbling criminals Sarah McLoud, 27, and Robert Owens, 28, of Weymouth and Bridgewater, Mass. were arrested last Friday after robbing a Weymouth Bank. Law enforcement is certain it's them, because crucual questions such as "What happens if you rob a bank" and "What happens if you rob a house" were found in McLoud's web history after seizing her computer.

What's worse is that McLoud was already a suspect in the investigation of a heroin ring located around the corner from the bank. Police recognized her from surveillance footage. You don't hit a hornets nest with a baseball bat; it's not a piñata.

Authorities followed McLoud and Owens to the heroin operation's headquarters, where they found heroin, obviously, the clothing McLoud wore in the video, the cash from the bank and the incriminating computer. McLoud, Owens and 30-year-old getaway driver Daniel M. Murphy were all arrested. With ease.

[via Gawker and Boston Globe]