If Mark Zuckerberg is willing to make your information increasingly more public, then he better watch what he says and does in public a little bit more, as well.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has launched the Zuckerberg Files, a complete database of everything that the Facebook CEO has said in public. But you can't look at it if you're not a researcher. The approach, as the Zuckerberg Files administrator, Michael Zimmer says, is to record Zuck's evolving view of privacy, and not to put him on blast. The archive collects interviews, statements, talks, and presentations that he's made, with the goal to transcribe each and every one of them. So far, they have about 100 transcripts ready, along with 50 videos, which make up all of Zuck's public utterances to date. Yet, with a high-profile person like him, rest assured that most of his public statements have either been prepared in advance, or aren't very extreme. If you really want to know what Zuck's about, you need to look at what's private, and not public. Until then, this is the best we've got. 

[via The Verge]

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